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Displays or modifies the checking of disk at boot time.

CHKNTFS volume [...]
CHKNTFS /T[:time]
CHKNTFS /X volume [...]
CHKNTFS /C volume [...]

volume Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
mount point, or volume name.

/D Restores the machine to the default behavior; all drives are
checked at boot time and chkdsk is run on those that are

/T:time Changes the AUTOCHK initiation countdown time to the
specified amount of time in seconds. If time is not
specified, displays the current setting.

/X Excludes a drive from the default boot-time check. Excluded
drives are not accumulated between command invocations.

/C Schedules a drive to be checked at boot time; chkdsk will run
if the drive is dirty.

If no switches are specified, CHKNTFS will display if the specified drive is
dirty or scheduled to be checked on next reboot.






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